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Jamie L. Seattle, WA 7/28/2018

Cascade Vision Center was absolutely wonderful. I was running late for my 4 o'clock appointment and they were welcoming nun the less when I walked through their doors. The front desk waisted no time in getting me in for my exam and were also very knowledgeable when it came to my insurance and what frames and lenses were all covered under my plan. For someone who hasn't had an eye exam in over 12 years it was all a bit nerve racking but  Dr. Gurpinderjeet and her team made the whole process a pleasant one. I highly recommend Cascade to anyone who is looking for a friendly and professional eye clinic!!

-Richard P Talmadge


Avia P. Seattle, WA 7/1/2017

I had an eye concern that I wanted to have looked at as soon as possible. I called every vision center in Seattle and Renton but none of them had an opening. The best I could find was the next business day which was two days away. There were even some that had a two week wait time. Cascade Vision Center was able to fit me in on the same day and it was a Saturday too! I will forever be grateful for that!


Bree R. Seattle, WA  8/31/2018

I had my first appointment & the doctor and staff were very nice and took their time during the appointment. Clinic is clean and I got into my appointment on time.


James Reed Seattle, WA  10/5/2018

Cascade Vision is quality careful care. My wife and I have experienced cheerful care and clear and exacting evaluations of our vision for several years.


Mike S. Lakewood, WA 3/3/2017

I recently moved to the area and looked on yelp for the closest but with a high rating Optometrist. Cascade Vision came up and i decided to give them a call to schedule an appointment. Was able to go in next day and get checked up and order new glasses and contacts. during the exam, Jeff Binstock was able to explain to me everything very clearly and in a way i would understand not only that i am healthy, but why i am healthy. Never really got an explanation on why but just being told i was healthy was "enough" information for the patient. Glad i was able to stop by and taken care of from start to finish. Even had a hiccup on my insurance, but they made it very easy solutions and was able to get in and out in a very timely manner. Well taken care of, treated professionally. definitely recommend anyone in need of an exam or glasses/contacts.


 Keyatta Roberson Seattle, WA 3/17/2018

March 17th, 2018 was my first visit to Cascade Vision. Upon my arrival I was glad they had the convenience of weekend hours on Saturday. My son who is 6 years old had a great time (except for the eye drops). The staff was really nice and kid friendly. They explained the equipment to him so he knew what to expect and why it was being used. Before we left the front desk provided me with a referral to another optical center who accepted my sons insurance for frames. Overall it was great. I Highly Recommend Cascade Vision.


 Dean Ryckman 3 yrs ago  Auburn, WA

My husband and I recently moved away from Renton after many, many years with Cascade Vision.  We thought it would be easy to find a vision center in Auburn that offered the same service as Cascade Vision.  After a horrible experience and having to wear glasses that didn't fit properly for a year, we are back at Cascade Vision and will remain their patients.  They offer excellent service, the office staff is friendly and helpful and we are both extremely happy with the results of our check-up this year.


Paul West 2 yrs ago Issaquah, WA

Having never worn glasses or lenses in my life, I discovered I had keratoconus, which was scary. I was referred to Cascade Vision Center and Dr. Jason Sifrit, and they were, bar none, as friendly, informative and as professional medical professionals I have ever witnessed. A few quick bulletpoints on how excellent their service was:

* Friendly, knowledgable, accessible staff, from the front desk to the various professionals assisting me and the doctor.

* Extremely personable service, from explaining my condition, helping me to understand my options, and setting expectations for the journey ahead. They knew me the next time I came in, started appointments promptly and on time, and treated me with dignity and respect.

* Their staff personally made multiple phone calls to various insurance companies to help me understand how to approach my vision care, who to speak with on the phone, what codes to give, etc.

* In-depth "teaching" to me on how to insert, remove and care for my own hard contact lenses, which is much different than regular contacts.

* We hit a home run the first time out of the gate - my prescription worked, was accurate but again, they set expectations that there will be trial and error in most cases as the lenses fit to the eye, reshape the cornea, etc.

* Easily accessible facilities and parking as a bonus

Overall, I could not recommend this entire staff or facility more strongly. Billing issues come up for me only because of the complexities of vision and medical insurance, but they've even helped me as much as they can with that.


Sheryl Tack 11/23/2014 Kent, WA

Always very professional. Will work me in the same day for emergency. Dr.Sifrit is professional and caring. Feel well cared for here at Cascade Vision.


Kathy Peckinino Gough 2/19/2015 Renton, WA

Very friendly staff and professional! Dr Sifrit took his time with me to answer my questions. Very thorough and they even stayed late to fit me with new glasses!

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