Is your child nearsighted?

Is Your Child Myopic?

Nearsightedness in kids tends to get worse as they grow and can put them at much higher RISK for eye diseases in adulthood.

Common symptoms of myopia include:

Use this checklist to assess your child's risk for myopia:

Discover the modern myopia treatment that helps patients wake up to crisp, clear vision WITHOUT the use of glasses or contact lenses during the day. #Euclid Emerald is a modern design #orthok lenses for myopia management. #Safe #effective #FDAapproved

How does it work?

They just put Euclid Emerald lenses on before bed and go to sleep while the lenses comfortably work to gently reshape the cornea overnight. Because they’re only worn at night, it’s easy to supervise your child’s use of Euclid Emerald lenses. Once awake, your child sees clearly all day.

Who is the right candidate?

We offer a complimentary consultation to see if you are a right candidate for myopia control

Schedule your appointment with Dr.Kaur ☎️ 425-235-9911

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